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Sustainable Building and Development

45. Has your town amended building codes to mandate or encourage the construction of Energy Star or LEED-certified homes and commercial and municipal buildings ?

46. Does your town provide tax breaks, expedited permitting, higher floor area ratios or other special incentives for green building projects and renovations?

47. Does your town encourage the construction of green roofs for commercial, industrial and municipal buildings?

48. Does your town encourage mixed-use zoning ?

49. Does your town have a policy to encourage adaptive re-use over virgin development?

50. Does your town have a policy prohibiting the siting of cell towers in residential neighborhoods, or near schools, daycare centers or other areas where children spend time?

51. Does your town have a policy to preserve and protect open space?

52. Has your town adopted zoning requirements for the use of permeable paving in commercial parking lots and walkways, and encourage its use in residential driveways?

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